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How can you tell the difference between an Indian and African elephant? One of them is an elephant

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America sure is having some bad luck It's almost like it was built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

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America is going through such bad luck at the moment It's as if the whole country were built on haunted Indian burial grounds...

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The US is having so many disasters and tragedies Youd almost think it was built on top of thousands of ancient indian burial grounds.

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A boy was born of an Indian, Chinese, Irish, and Italian grandmother... They couldn't settle on a name, until it hit them!

They named him Ravi O. Lee


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My wife left me for an Indian guy I know he's going to treat her well, I heard they worship cows.

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What did the Indian boy say to his mother as he left for school? Mumbai!

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My wife left me for an Indian guy It's okay, I know he's going to treat her well, I heard they worship cows

edit: shout out to my boy caleb i know u see this abrafam lincoln

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How about an Indian joke? A nice Indian woman gets up mid-flight to the US and shouts "Is there a doctor here?"

A nice, serious guy approaches her quickly and tells her: "I am. What is the problem?"

She replies: "Do you want to meet my daughter?"

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America is sure having some bad luck these days. It's almost like it was built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

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The USA is having so many disasters and tragedies, You'd almost think the whole country was built on an ancient Indian burial ground

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With all the bad luck that the US has seen this year... You'd almost think this country was built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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With all the bad things happenning in america right now, you woulda thought the whole thing was built on some Indian burial ground.

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My buddy went to get a tattoo of an Indian on his back... Half way through he said "Don't forget to put a big tomahawk in his hand."

The tattooist said "Hang on pal, I've only just finished his turban."

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A white guy, a black guy, an Indian, an Asian women and a girl in a wheel chair walk into a bar They are celebrating being on the cover of a middle school math book

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What's the difference between an African and an Indian Elephant One of them is an elephant

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Davinath the Indian wife beater punches his wife every night at 7 PM. On the dot.

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How does an Indian girl tell her family she will be wearing a Western dress to her wedding? "Sorry, not Sari."

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What did Indian say to mum when he left? Mumbai.

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What's the difference between an Indian and an African elephant? One is an elephant.

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I wnet to an Indian restaurant and ordered biryani... The waiter said, sorry sir, I don’t know what a birlaurel is.

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The United States has such bad luck It's almost as if it was build on thousands of ancient Indian burial grounds.

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I just saw an Indian guy shaking a piece of carpet outside his door. I said, "Whats up, Won't it start?"

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The United States is always being hit with tragedies and crises like a bad curse... Just as if it was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.

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Sandeep the indian wifebeater punches his wife at 7pm every night On the dot

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Why doesn't Yelp remove fake reviews of Indian restaurants? Because everyone likes a little naan fiction

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To all the people who listen to my Indian accent and automatically assume I’m in IT, let me tell you something. That’s just a coincidence.

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What's the difference between an Indian and an African elephant? One of them isn't an elephant.

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What did the indian boy say to his mom before he left? Mumbai

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So much has been going wrong in the USA You would think it had been built on thousands of ancient Indian burial grounds.

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Being an Indian, my white friends asked me about what Indians did during the festival of Diwali... They got very happy and asked me to take them to India the next time. I don't know what's there to be happy about. I just told them " We blow crackers."

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My Indian engineering teacher told us this today Growing up in America, you've probably heard your parents say, "Eat your food, there are starving children in India." But I tell my children, "Do your math homework or an Indian child will eat your food."

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Why did the Indian not show up for work? He was Sikh.

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Do you know that in some ancient American Indian language the word "vegetarian".... ...the word "vegetarian" means "a very bad hunter" ?

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I went to an Indian restaurant and asked the server if there were any bread options... He said, “Sorry sir. We have naan.”

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What do you call a person who falls for a tech support scam? An Indian giver.

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What happened to the Indian chief who drank too much tea? He drowned in his tea-pee.

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Vegetarian is an ancient Native Indian word meaning "bad hunter".

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What do you call it when an Indian and a Portuguese are sexting? Spice trade

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I went to an Informal Indian and French ballerina confrence It was full of Tu-Tus


Explanation in comments

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What do you call your indian wife? Darjeeling

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What so you call your indian wife? Darjeeling

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Why did the quarantine shut down the Indian Cuisine? Because it was a NaN-Essential business.

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What do you call an East Indian who from the waste down, is half way stuck in the mud? Knee Deep

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What do two Indian mothers say to each other when they meet for the first time but becomes too attached? Na Ma, Stay

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Which U.S city loves Indian food the most... Baltimore

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My Indian friend asked me, "Have you tried Sugandhi?" Not knowing what it is and thinking it sounded vaguely like some Hindi words I've heard before, I politely asked, "What's Sugandhi?"

He replied equally politely, "Sugandhis nutz".

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Wanna hear how my social credit score went down by 100? The Thai team was playing last night and defeated the Indian team, so i told my friend that the “thai wan”

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Mary really likes Indian food now. After she had a little lamb.

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I explained to a girl in my class that I am Indian She responds by saying “wow I’ve never met a Native American before!”....

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My mate asked me if I wanted Indian food for dinner. I said ‘yeah do you want to go to the one in town?’ He said ‘naa, we’ll just go to the one around the Korma’

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I want to open an Indian restaurant that caters to the workingclass individual. I'll call it Naan to Five.

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Did you hear about the dyslectic guy who opened an Indian restaurant? He hired a Cherokee chief.

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How many British-borned Indian Artists does it take to change a lightbulb? None, the lightbulb always pays the exact amount.

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Why getting Indian Food at a Gas Station is the best idea? If the food is too spicy, you'll also receive free gas.

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What do you call someone that delivers Indian food? A curry-er.

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What do you call an elderly native American prostitute? Its an old Indian trick,

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What do you call an Indian in a fast car?? Curry in a hurry!!

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TIL that 'vegetarian' is an old Indian word It means 'lousy hunter'.

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What do you call a transgender Indian? Naan Binary

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Metamorphoic rocks are just like Indian marriages Formed under extreme pressure

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If they have an Indian fast food restaurant They should call it Curry in a Hurry.

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The Indian Spy training University is very effective Even the food has spice in it..

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What's an Indian kid's favorite TV show? Patelie Tubbies

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What does an Indian-American say after riding a roller coaster? I'm Desi.

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Just bought an an Indian dubstep album. It has some pretty Sikh tunes.

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I've been trying to cook Indian food all year but I keep getting spices everywhere At least I look like a seasoned chef

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The Chicago Department of Public Works is getting push back on their next project The plan was to replace key infrastructure under Wrigley Field, but now they can't dig anything up because it's an Indian burial ground.

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How do you know when Indian men grown up? When they take out their diapers and wrap it around their head

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Why did the medieval Indian go to the doctor? He was feeling a bit Sikh

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I got Indian food with a friend and paid for all the bread It was a nan issue.

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The Indian baking festival was kind of a bust. It was a naan event.

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What is a East Indian child's favourite game? Hide and go Sikh

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They say breaking a sweat every day is one of the healthiest things you can do... good thing I eat a lot of Indian food.

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