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Funny Native American Jokes
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Why do Native Americans hate snow? Because it's white and settles on their land.

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Why do native Americans hate April? Because April showers bring May flowers and Mayflowers bring white people

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Why did the Native American sleep in the hotel lobby? He didn't have a reservation.

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I was viewing a house being sold by a native american i asked him if it came with running water,

He said 'no, get your own wife'

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Why do Native Americans hate snow? Because it's white and on their land.

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I once went to a Native American restaurant but was turned away. They told me it was reservation only.

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Why don't native Americans like snow? Because it's white and all over their land.

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Why does the Native American always get a table at the nicest restaurants? He has a reservation.

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Why are Native Americans the most successfull strippers? Because when they dance, they make it rain.

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Why do Native Americans hate April? April showers bring may flowers. And may flowers bring white people

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As soon as the native american saw snow, he frowned and said I don't like the snow. It's white and it's on my land.

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Why didn't the native Americans go out to dinner? They lost their reservations.

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A Native American tribe are looking for buffalo to hunt. As they travel along, one member puts his ear to the ground for a moment and then says: “Buffalo come.”

The chief asks “How can you tell?”

The man replies “Sticky ear.”

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Why were Native Americans here first? They had reservations.

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Why do Native Americans hate snow? It's white and it's all over their land.

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Why don't Native Americans like to do rain dances in April anymore? April showers bring Mayflowers.

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Why do native Americans hate the snow? Because it's white, and it's on their land.

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Do you know why native Americans hate snow?..... Because it's white and on their land.

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Why are native americans the best strippers? Because when they dance they make it rain.

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A buffalo hunter and a Native American guide One day when they were hunting the guide stopped, put his ear to the ground and listened, then said "Buffalo come"

The hunter asked "How can you tell"

The guide replied "Ear sticky"

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What does a Native American Biologist live in? ATP

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Did you hear about that Native American who drank ten cups of tea one night? They found him dead the next day in his teepee

Score: 38

Did you hear about the Native American who drank 1000 glasses of tea? He drown in his tea pee.

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Never be racist towards Native Americans. They will Sioux you.

Score: 32

Did you hear about the native American who tried to beat the world record for drinking the most tea? The next day he was found dead in his tea pee

Score: 31

So Land O’Lakes got rid of the Native American on their package... ...But kept the land. Sounds oddly familiar.

Score: 31

Hear about the Native American who died from drinking too much tea before bed? He drowned in his teepee.

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Why were Native Americans the first ones in America? Because they had reservations

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Did you hear about the Native American who tried to break the world's record for drinking tea? They found him dead in his Tee Pee.

Score: 25

Did you hear about the Native American who drank too much tea? He drowned in his tea pee

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I explained to a girl in my class that I am Indian She responds by saying “wow I’ve never met a Native American before!”....

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What is a Native American's favorite food and travel show? No Reservations

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What do you call an elderly native American prostitute? Its an old Indian trick,

Score: 2

Why does the Native American always get the nicest table at a restaurant He was there first

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The Mormon Prophet has banned Tomb Raider games... ...apparently they have fake Native American history in them that doesn't revolve around Native Americans being a lost tribe of Israel.

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What do a homeless Native American and a hotel with no business have in common? No reservations.

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We all know about mohawks, but what was the most popular facial hair style for native Americans? A pachy beard

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People really don’t make too many Native American jokes anymore That’s probably because people don’t want to give up their reservation.

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A Native American Buys a bag of mulch The Home Depot employee asks "so what're you planning to do with the mulch?"

The Native American says "nothing, I'm just buying my land back one bag at a time."

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The Lone Ranger and Tonto find themselves surrounded by hostile native Americans. The Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says what are we going to do? Tonto looks at him and says, what do you mean we, pale face?

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How did the Pioneers inadvertently infect Native Americans? In their COVID wagons.

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Man walks in to a restaurant with his family. He goes to speak to the waiter. Man: Hello we have a reservation. Waiter: That's good for the native Americans.

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I was at the park watching two Native Americans smoke ciggaretts for a few hours together. That was one long conversation.

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What brand of routers & switches do Native American indians use for computer networking on the reservation? **TP-Link** mostly, but occasionally they use **Buffalo**....

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