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Funniest Flat Earth Jokes

Funny Flat Earth Jokes

The only thing that flat earthers fear... is sphere itself.

Flat Earthers It's funny making a flat earth beliver angry, but if you push them over the edge then you're only proving them right.

A buddy of mine is one of those “flat Earther’s.” He said he’s angry and going to the edge. I have a feeling he’ll come around.

I was arguing with a flat Earth believer We argued about how many members the flat Earth community had. He said "We have members all around the globe".

A flat earth conspiracist was boasting about how many people believe that the Earth is flat... He said, “We have supporters all around the globe!!!”

It’s surprising flat earthers are still using money. You’d think they’d have concern over it making the world go round.

Did you hear about the Flat Earther who went skydiving? He landed on a plane.

Did you hear the Flat Earth Society is really gaining ground? They say they have members all around the globe now.

The things flat earthers fear.. Is sphere itself.

Yo mama so fat... When she was buried, the flat earthers announced the earth is not flat anymore.

I wasn't always a Flat Earther. In fact, I used to believe the Earth was round... ...until your mom sat on it.

The Flat Earther's greatest fear is sphere itself

The Flat Earth Society Has members all around the globe.

Flat Earthers say we’ve never truly seen real pictures of the earth but I’ve never seen my dad and I know he’s real

My flat earther friend decided to prove his theory by walking to the end of the world In the end, he came around.

What is the flat earthers greatest fear? A well rounded argument.

This sub is overdoing it with the flat earther jokes... ... you're pushing them over the edge.

Did you know the flat earth society has members... all around the globe?

I asked a Flat Earther to tell me what the volume of the Earth was but he couldn't give me a good answer. There was a significant rounding error.

The Flat Earth Society is a very large organization. They have members from all around the globe.

Welcome to the Flat Earth Society We have members all around the globe

The only thing a flat earther fears? A sphere itself...

Why does everyone try to discredit Flat Earthers? It's like there's a global conspiracy.

There is a new reality show where flat earthers try to travel to the edge of the world. Unfortunately the finale is not a cliff hanger.

What is the real argument Flat Earthers are trying to use? 2D, or not 2D? That is the question.

I was having an argument with my flat earthier friend ... ... He said he'd walk to the edge of the world to prove he was right. He came around eventually.

Why will the flat earth society never be popular? Because they cant get the word a round.

I don’t really like flat Earthers They’re too edgy.

Someone probably came up with it before me, but I thought it was worth a shot

The Flat Earth Community has supporters all around the globe.

Why don't Flat Earthers care if they're having a bad day? They're always on top of the world

The Flat Earth Society Has members around the globe.

It's strange that we don't hear more concern from the flat earthers about Antarctica melting You'd think they would be worried about the ice wall springing a leak and draining the ocean.

I like to debate flat earthers I will go to no ends to shut them up

A flat earther was asked to describe fear... They said there was nothing to fear but sphere itself.

Why is telling flat earth society jokes so hard? Because they are too stupid to understand.

The main reason everybody hates flat Earthers ...is because they're so edgy.

Im going to join the flat Earth society. They are very convincing and have members all around the globe.

"And now as observe as the wild flat earther denies the existence of an atmosphere... ... and instead believes in an atmosquare."

What is the flat earthers greatest fear? The sfeare

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New Flat Earth Jokes

Why can't you depend on flat earthers? Because they're never around.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a flat earther The only thing he has to fear was sphere itself

A Vegan, and Anti-Vaxxer and a Flat Earther walk into a bar I know that because they told everyone 5 minutes after walking in.

I have been expelled from the Flat Earth Society. Apparently, I went too far.

What is a flat earther’s number 1 fear? Sphere itself.

How to make flat earther's believe in the globe earth... Believe in the globe earth...

I said, believe the globe earth...

"Simon says"
Believe the globe earth!

What do you call a flat earth rap? A disc track

What's the one thing flat earthers fear? Sphere itself

Did you hear about the guy who launched himself in a home-built rocket to attempt to prove the Earth is not a globe? You could say he became a flat earther.

Where can flat earth conspirators be found? All around the globe.

I dunno why, but jokes on Flat Earthers always.. Fall flat

What is the only thing flat earthers have to fear? S-fear itself

It would be ironic if a movie about The Flat Earth Society... Wins the Golden Globe award.

What is the one thing a flat earth advocate fears? Sphere itself!

You have to give flat earthers credit... They're just trying to level with everyone

I want to argue with flat earthers but... I just feel like we're not on a level playing field

I wonder if “flat earthers” really just have depth perception Maybe they just need glasses ?‍♂️

Where did Flat Stanley originate from? A flat earth

I won't listen to this "flat earth" nonsense anymore And the next person who mentions it gets thrown off the edge of the earth

Flat earthers are the most self centered people They actually think the universe revolves around them

What's the difference between Blizzard's dignity and Flat Earth Theory? Some people still manage to believe in Flat Earth Theory.

What's a flat earther's solution to global warming? Blow the C02 off the edge.

Some people just aren’t nutritious Zombie: “Brains...brains...”

Flat Earther: “Hi!”

Zombie: (Hesitates. Moves on.)


The number of people who believe the earth is flat is steadily growing. There are now Flat Earth Society members all around the globe.

How many flat Earthers does it take to change a broken lightbulb? All of them. But they will still fail to get the lights on and they'll just blame NASA for faking working lightbulbs.

How are Anti Vaxxer’s and Flat Earthers alike They both have no brain

Yo mama so fat ..... Flat earthers were correct before her burial

Just found out today my boyfriend is a flat Earther No wonder he never comes around

How many flat earthers does it take to change a light bulb? None. They don't believe in globes.

What do you get when you combine a flat earther and their arrogance? Flatulence.

Why did Atlas stop holding up the sky? Flat earth believers convinced him that it would remain, but he got carried away.

How do you save a flat earther who's falling? You don't because gravity doesn't exist.

What if we tell the flat earthers that the answers they are looking for are in Area 51 Then that way we get to watch people storm Area 51 and no one dies that anyone cares about!

The Earth is flat My friend: Dude I'm telling you the earth is flat. There have been several proofs made by Flat Earth Researchers all around the globe.

Me: Uhhhh.

My flat earther friend decided to walk around the earth to prove it was flat He came around in the end

Want to join my flat earth society group? It has millions of people from all around the globe in it.

Yesterday i said I would write two jokes jokes jokes

Jk anti vaxers and flat Earth people

One thing that flat earthers fear... is sphere itself.

Flat-Earthers always change what they say about the Flat Earth for their convenience. Luckily there aren't any other groups that do that. Thank God.

Where do flat earthers shop for clothing? Lands end

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Long Flat Earth Jokes

Two flat earthers die and go to heaven. At the pearly gates they have the chance to ask god any questions they want and get truthful answers, so one flat earther asks god "is the earth flat?" to which god answers "No."

The flat earther looks at the other and says "this goes higher than we thought".

Aliens land at a flat Earth convention

The alien leader walks to the podium and takes the mix, "Foolish humans. The Earth is round. It is not flat, nor is it disc shaped."

The crowd is silent for a few seconds. Finally someone says "OMG.... I can't believe it... They got to you too!"

Based on a true story

I was working at the flat earth society and the boss gave me the login for our twitter and left me in charge of tweeting and replying. I decided that the flat-earth society would soon become huge so then i decided to encourage people to join us. I tweeted "There are many flat-earthers around the globe". I was gleaming with pride until i realised my mistake. I had written globe. I was about to edit or at least remove the message but i couldn't. Why not? Because people started replying. When i saw that people spotted my mistake quicker than me i was as good as dead. I blamed one of my idiotic co-workers and had to see him leave. At least it wasn't me.

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