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Funny Flat Earth Jokes
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The only thing that flat earthers fear... is sphere itself.

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The only thing a flat earther is afraid of Is sphere itself.

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Flat Earthers It's funny making a flat earth beliver angry, but if you push them over the edge then you're only proving them right.

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A buddy of mine is one of those “flat Earther’s.” He said he’s angry and going to the edge. I have a feeling he’ll come around.

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I was arguing with a flat Earth believer We argued about how many members the flat Earth community had. He said "We have members all around the globe".

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A flat earth conspiracist was boasting about how many people believe that the Earth is flat... He said, “We have supporters all around the globe!!!”

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It’s surprising flat earthers are still using money. You’d think they’d have concern over it making the world go round.

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Did you hear about the Flat Earther who went skydiving? He landed on a plane.

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Did you hear the Flat Earth Society is really gaining ground? They say they have members all around the globe now.

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The things flat earthers fear.. Is sphere itself.

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I wasn't always a Flat Earther. In fact, I used to believe the Earth was round... ...until your mom sat on it.

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The Flat Earther's greatest fear is sphere itself

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The Flat Earth Society Has members all around the globe.

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Flat Earthers say we’ve never truly seen real pictures of the earth but I’ve never seen my dad and I know he’s real

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My flat earther friend decided to prove his theory by walking to the end of the world In the end, he came around.

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A flat earther snuck into a physics seminar While the speaker was giving speech on recent development about gravity, flat earther shouted

" Why do you even think that gravity is real? "

Speaker dropped the mic.

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What is the flat earthers greatest fear? A well rounded argument.

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Did you know the flat earth society has members... all around the globe?

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This sub is overdoing it with the flat earther jokes... ... you're pushing them over the edge.

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I asked a Flat Earther to tell me what the volume of the Earth was but he couldn't give me a good answer. There was a significant rounding error.

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The Flat Earth Society is a very large organization. They have members from all around the globe.

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Welcome to the Flat Earth Society We have members all around the globe

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The only thing a flat earther fears? A sphere itself...

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Why does everyone try to discredit Flat Earthers? It's like there's a global conspiracy.

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What is the real argument Flat Earthers are trying to use? 2D, or not 2D? That is the question.

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There is a new reality show where flat earthers try to travel to the edge of the world. Unfortunately the finale is not a cliff hanger.

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I was having an argument with my flat earthier friend ... ... He said he'd walk to the edge of the world to prove he was right. He came around eventually.

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I don’t really like flat Earthers They’re too edgy.

Someone probably came up with it before me, but I thought it was worth a shot

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The Flat Earth Community has supporters all around the globe.

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Why will the flat earth society never be popular? Because they cant get the word a round.

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I’m working with Space X on a program to send Flat Earthers into space to help them prove earth is flat. But not on bringing them back.

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There are flat earthers, there are tide pod eaters, And there are people who want the first two to be the same.

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I won't listen to this "flat earth" nonsense anymore And the next person who mentions it gets thrown off the edge of the earth

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This monday there will be a solar eclipse at 10am... Followed shortly after by funeral proceedings for the Flat Earth Society.

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I asked a flat earther to play soccer the other day... He brought a frisbee.

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How are Anti Vaxxer’s and Flat Earthers alike They both have no brain

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What is the only thing flat earthers have to fear? S-fear itself

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What is a flat earther’s number 1 fear? Sphere itself.

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The Flat Earth Society has nothing to fear... ...but sphere itself!...

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