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Funniest Coronavirus Jokes

All countries eventually got coronavirus But China got it right off the bat.

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What can the coronavirus do that the us government can't? Stop school shootings

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I asked my doctor when we could anticipate an end to the coronavirus epidemic He said “I don’t know. I’m not really into politics.”

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I tried to make a coronavirus joke a while back Nobody laughed at first, but eventually everyone got it.

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Coronavirus ruining your plans for 2020? Save them for 2022! Cause 2022 is 2020 too.

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My girlfriend is like the coronavirus I don't have the coronavirus

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I told a joke about Coronavirus and nobody laughed Except that Chinese kid in the back. He got it.

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This time next year you guys will be laughing about all the Coronavirus fears of today... Not every one of you, of course.

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Coronavirus has been copying the Black Death Plaguearism

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I like my women how I like my Coronavirus 19 and easy to spread

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Coronavirus isn't Trumps Fault. Ebola wasn't Obama's Fault. Sars wasn't Brush's fault.... And only a handful of cases of herpes were Clinton's fault.

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There have been countless people criticizing Donald Trump for his delayed reaction to the Novel Coronavirus Probably could have gotten things going a lot quicker with a picturebook Coronavirus

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Coronavirus cases in North Korea update: 8:00: 1

8:10: 0

9:23: 1

9:28: 0

0:13: 1

0:20 0

1:47: 1

1:55: 0

Score: 544

I told a Coronavirus joke to a group of people Everyone eventually got it, but the Chinese guy, he got it right off the bat.

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3:15pm So the hockey season got cancelled in Canada because of the coronavirus 6:30pm Canada is now testing the vaccine for coronavirus

Score: 314

xi jinping has coronavirus He is now called winnie the flu

Score: 253

Don’t worry, the coronavirus won’t last long. Because it’s made in China.

Score: 206

Chuck Norris caught the coronavirus but later decided to let it go.

Score: 204

Corona Beer sales falter amid Corona virus crisis Guess their viral marketing strategy failed.

Score: 192

I hope the Coronavirus issue gets resolved before tick season Or else we'll have Corona with Lyme

Score: 112

Corona virus is just like pasta The Chinese invented it but the Italians will spread it all over the world.

Score: 107

Coronavirus update: Everyone at John Lennon airport has been quarantined. Imagine all the people

Score: 98

What's the best thing about telling a coronavirus joke? Everyone will get it eventually.

Score: 97

When do the coronavirus symptoms start to kick in? Right off the bat

Score: 92

I have always suspected that people are selfish and during disasters will only look after number 1... ...but the Corona virus is proving they are more concerned with number 2's.

Score: 77

With Corona Virus spreading, I never thought our deaths will also be.. “Made in China”

Score: 72

I would tell you a Coronavirus joke But it would take 2 weeks to find out if you get it.

Score: 71

Taco Bell forced to shut down temporarily... Due to the Corona virus the shortage of toilet paper has made this step a necessity.

Score: 68

Harvey Weinstein has coronavirus Must suck to have something invade your body against your will.

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My 6-year-old wrote a timely coronavirus joke What did the coronavirus say to the broccoli?

"Let's be friends", because we're both bad things.

Score: 68

Coronavirus arrives in the USA. Mexico: So, about that wall......

Score: 65

What's the difference between butter and the corona virus? Corona actually spreads

Score: 63

My uncle stopped smoking because of coronavirus RIP uncle Jim.

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The amount of bad Coronavirus jokes are starting to reach worrying numbers. Some scientist claim it might become a pundemic!

Score: 62

Look, if we're gonna get full-on racist about where the corona virus came from we might as well call it the Kung Flu.

Score: 59

Omg, the coronavirus has killed 12 Brazilian people! How many is a brazilian?

Score: 55

You can't be too careful with this corona virus... I just called my mother in-law not to come over for Christmas.

Score: 52

What's the difference between Coronavirus and my dad? Coronavirus only takes five days to appear.

Score: 51

Corona virus is kinda like my jokes Funny at first but people are starting to get concerned now

Score: 51

Whats the difference between the coronavirus and 737MAX? The coronavirus is airborne.

Score: 46

Why did the Coronavirus cross the road? Cuz it likes to walk old people to the other side.

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New Coronavirus Jokes

They say that coronavirus kills you... But we polled 25,000 Americans and not a single one had died! Who needs masks?

Score: 9

It’s going to be dangerous to trick-or-treat this Halloween due to the coronavirus pandemic. The only way you’re getting candy from a stranger this year is by putting on a mask and going to the grocery store.

Score: 5

You know the reason they call it, “Florida man” Because there’s only going to be one guy left in florida when all this coronavirus stuff is over.

Score: 2

They say coronavirus came from China. I am not buying it, no one can sneeze that hard.

Score: 2

Herman Cain is going to find out about the Coronavirus 5x5x5 plan. Positive test within 5 days of TrumpRallyTulsa

He spread Coronavirus to least 5 of his friends

He only has 5 minutes left of his 15 minutes of fame

Score: 2

If the Coronavirus really was made in China, we don't really have much to worry about... won't last long.

Score: 3

Michael J. Fox has contracted coronavirus Contact tracing shows he got it from shaking hands

Score: 2

What would be the scariest coronavirus costume? One without a mask

Score: 12

We have passed 10 million subscribers. Thank you very much for joining us. Sincerely Coronavirus

Score: 3

What did the head of WHO say when he was asked, "How did China's president convince you Coronavirus is under control?" Xi blinded me with science.

Score: 3

Doctor, when is the coronavirus pandemic going to end? I don't know, I'm not that into politics.

Score: 5

If you could end coronavirus by sacrificing one genre of music, then which one would it be and.. Why K-pop?

Score: 4

What's the difference between the coronavirus and a BMW? The coronavirus has the pricks outside.

Score: 2

Coronavirus has its own YouTube channel now. Already 8,931,812 followers and counting.

Score: 4

Coronavirus has finally made me less racist Now I also cross the street when a white person approaches me on the sidewalk

Score: 11

My fortune cookie said that something positive would happen to me this week and it finally happened!!! Guys do you know what this coronavirus thing is?

Score: 5

Coronavirus has made me less racist Now I also cross the street when a white person approaches me on the sidewalk

Score: 1

Cute pickup line below I think I just gave you coronavirus because I can’t stop staring achoo

Score: 1

What does Coronavirus and Cops have in common? They both take your breath away.

Score: 4

Yo mama is like the coronavirus She keeps trying to spread, but nobody wants her.

Score: 14

Quarantining and social distancing for coronavirus has caused dating to become less distinct It's harder to make out

Score: 2

Donald Trump set a new world record today. He has helped America to get to 1 million cases of Coronavirus the fascist.

Edit: fastest

Score: 1

For the first time this year I didn't go in a European trip due to coronavirus Every year I don't go because of money

Score: 6

Next year we'll be laughing about the great Coronavirus fears of today \-Not every one of us, of course...

Score: 41

Y’all heard of that new disease called Delicious? It’s a perfect mix between Coronavirus and Lyme disease

Score: 6

It’s recently been discovered coronavirus spreads fastest on pirate ships It’s because they have a really high R number

Score: 3

In recent weeks, interest in reading long works of fiction has gone way down Due to the novel coronavirus

Score: 4

CDC announces a new dye that turns coronavirus black so police will kill it for us.

Score: 2

I got a chest X-Ray and thank god I don’t have coronavirus Just a xenomorph.

Score: 1

My Mom’s sister got Coronavirus so I bought her a new computer. The warranty said it came with free “Aunty-virus” protection software.

Score: 2

The worst part of having to do zoom classes out due to coronavirus is I keep getting bullet holes in my monitor

Score: 4

My buddy still plans to throw a party despite this coronavirus Please send him your thots and players

Score: 5

This coronavirus quarantine is great.. Today I set a new personal record for beers consumed during Mass.

Score: 2

A Coronavirus sketch I just watched on tv: A couple struggling to survive being cooped up at home are feeling a bit better as they finish off their fourth glass of wine for each. And the wife says "Well we made it to 10 am."

Score: 2

My wife and coronavirus have something in common. I have no control of either so I just learned to deal with it.

Score: 2

If the coronavirus were to come from somewhere in Japan, what do think Trump would call it? Probably the kimono-virus.

Score: 3

So there I was - - out of work, day drinking in my underwear and moaning about the future.

Then the coronavirus hit.

Score: 10

Chuck Norris Caught CoronaVirus The CoronaVirus is now hospitalized on ventilator support.

Score: 23

I’ll tell you a coronavirus joke now But you’ll have to wait two weeks to see if you get it.

Score: 7

Doctors discovered that during the coronavirus quarantine your food tastes different. It’s either a symptom or it’s because everybody started washing their hands.

Score: 3

No wonder China is behind the Coronavirus We even saw a big red flag 🇨🇳

Score: 3

“Breaking news” Florida man with coronavirus arrested for coughing on people in public.

Says he was “spreading positivity”

Score: 27

Why America failed to save the world from Coronavirus ​

Thor is in Asgard

Ironman died

Captain is now old

Hulk doesn't have much power. Rest of the Avengers are suffering from Corona and China ate Spiderman and Batman.

Score: 2

60+ days off work, gas prices at an all time low, $1200... I know who I'm voting for... Coronavirus for president!

Score: 22

The spread of coronavirus depends on two things: 1. How dense the population is.
2. How dense the population is.

Score: 6

As the United States reopens, the federal government has issued a rapid coronavirus test that’s just 25 cents. Heads is positive. Tails is negative.

Score: 5

Official Coronavirus Count over time in North Korea 12.01: 1

12.02: 0

13.16: 1

13.17: 0

16.24: 1

16.25: 0




Score: 3

They say one of the symptoms of Coronavirus is lack of taste Prayers up for everyone who thinks this is a funny joke format

Score: 2

I was in an airport A woman was taking my temperature because of the coronavirus

I was 1.8 meters and she was 1.5 meters, so I got down in knee just for her to take my temperature , and everyone started clapping

They thought that I was proposing

Score: 2

I hate this Coronavirus lockdown I havn't gotten laid since October...

Score: 2

Coronavirus has been very stressful for the Flat Earth Society. They fear that the social distancing measures could push people over the edge.

Score: 2

Have you heard that new Coronavirus song? It went viral.

Score: 2

Whoa! China is fudging their coronavirus numbers? Whoa! China is fudging their coronavirus numbers? WHO knew!

Score: 9

With over 1,000,000 people infected with coronavirus in the US, I’m beginning to fear for my own life Thank god I live in America.

Score: 3

Research from China shows the Coronavirus really attacks the Lungs As well as the Chans, Wongs, Lees and Lins.

Score: 2

Coronavirus could keep us in lockdown for years Get ready for the ‘Boring Twenties’.

Score: 5

What does coronavirus have for breakfast? Ebola cereal

Score: 4

All countries eventually got coronavirus eventually China just got it right off the bat.

Score: 12

COVID-19 joke I can’t believe coronavirus would just come into my body without permission,

It makes me sick.

Score: 2

Chuck Norris came into contact with coronavirus Coronavirus is now in 2 week quarantine

Score: 9

How did the coronavirus spread so quickly? Because Asians never fail tests

Score: 1

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